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Ahven 2.0 released

I just released Ahven 2.0. You can grab the source code from SourceForge.

This release includes two new features:

  • Test timeouts
  • Test skipping programmatically

When running tests, you can specify a timeout value for the tests. If test runs longer than the timeout value, the test is stopped. This is implemented by running each test in a separate task and aborting the task if the test runs too long.

The feature of course depends on code being abortable, which might not be the case always. For example, many Ada compilers do not abort task which runs in a tight loop and does some calculations, like "loop Counter := Counter + 1;end loop;".

The another feature is simple procedure called "Skip". Calling this inside a test allows you to skip the test and move to the next one. The skipped test is considered as passed, but some test runners might add extra "SKIP" info for them.

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