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Building custom Arduino LCD shield to be used with AVR-Ada

Using 16x2 LCD display for text output purposes is sometimes more convenient than serial communication via UART/USB.

But if you do the wiring on the breadboard you get quite a mess:

So, I wanted to create a shield for Arduino to make the LCD usage easier.

AVR-Ada includes library …


Reading I2C EEPROM with Arduino and AVR-Ada

Recently, I wanted to access I2C EEPROM with Arduino. However, AVR-Ada (1.1.0) provides no support for I2C interface which many AVR processors and Arduinos have. So, I had to write a package ("Two_Wire") for it.

Example code is available at arduino-eeprom repository and below is the used circuit …


Small attiny13 development board

To test AVR-Ada with small attiny13 processors, I made a little "development board" for me:

It can run hello example out of the box and blink the green led. The red led indicates power.


Arduino Mega 2560 and Attiny13a/Attiny2313 support to AVR-Ada

I recently got write access to the AVR-Ada repository and now I have pushed my changes there.

These changes improve support for Atmega2560, Attiny13a, and Attiny2313 processors. Attiny13a and Attiny2313 are pretty uninteresting, although common, AVR processors. I happen to use them in my projects because they are cheap and …


Arduino Ethernet Shield support for AVR-Ada

I finally got my code working with Arduino Ethernet Shield and put it available at http://bitbucket.org/tkoskine/arduino-ethernet/.

Only receiving data via TCP client connections is supported, but I plan to improve the library as my time permits.


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