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build.ada-language.com fixed

I managed to fix build.ada-language.com synchronization problems. Now builds on Windows (and other) systems are updated again.


Build script for NetBSD on Olinuxino-imx233

I created a simple build script, which can build NetBSD/evbarm for Olinuxino-imx233 from scratch on Linux system.

Basically, you need to do following:

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/tkoskine/build-netbsd-imx233
cd build-netbsd-imx233
sh -x ./build-imx233.sh

After a while, you have kernel, base system sets, boot partition image (containing …


build.ada-language.com status

Jenkins update broke the distributed builds, so other than Debian 7 builds at http://build.ada-language.com/ are not updating at the moment.

I am waiting for Jenkins fix and also looking for alternative build systems, but that might take a while.


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