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Building the development version of Ahven

The next version of Ahven (2.5) will use comfignat.mk based Makefile system by default. This is done to make the life of Linux, especially Fedora Linux, package managers easier.

comfignat.mk will take care of all the details how to build suitable shared libraries, install the documentation where …


sphinxcontrib-adadomain 0.1 released

After sitting on this 2 years, I finally released version 0.1 of sphinxcontrib-adadomain to Python Package Index (pypi).

See https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sphinxcontrib-adadomain for details.


Adadomain merged to sphinx-contrib

I merged my Adadomain to sphinx-contrib. This way it is one step more official extension.

For those who do not know: Sphinx is a documentation tool and it is used in Ahven. In release 1.9 of Ahven, I included the generated HTML documentation to the tarball, but I might …


Documentation using Sphinx

I recently converted Ahven's DocBook documentation to use Sphinx and reStructuredText.

I did this to make it simpler to write documentation. reStructuredText is almost like plain text, so in theory it should be easier than XML-based DocBook.

As an unfortunate side-effect, this change introduces Python dependency to the project, while …


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