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OpenBSD 5.3

  • OpenBSD 5.3 cd set, mug, poster, and t-shirt ordered and received - OK
  • OpenBSD 5.3 hosting most of my web sites - OK
  • Absolute OpenBSD/2nd (describing OpenBSD 5.3) bought - OK
  • GNAT 4.7 usable on OpenBSD 5.3, after some patching [1] - OK

After a long hiatus in …


Web host changed

I changed hosting of arduino.ada-language.com, tero.stronglytyped.org, and ahven.stronglytyped.org (plus a few others) to another web host. You shouldn't notice anything, but in case you see some errors, please be patient and try again tomorrow.


New year coming, new blogging engine also

Like others, I am slowly converting all my documentation into reStructuredText. I did it earlier for documentation of Ahven and now I changed my blog to it also.

For blogging, I decided to use Pelican, which generates static blog pages from a set of reStructuredText files.


Nice Christmas Present from Paeae

I recently ordered some Arduino and electronics stuff from Finnish Arduino store called Paeae. The delivery was smooth and fast as usual, but in addition they had put there a nice little Christmas present for me, a small green breadboard (resistor was not included):



IPv6 support for stronglytyped.org

My AWS-powered sites stronglytyped.org and Ahven's homepage ahven.stronglytyped.org now support IPv6 connections also.

This was possible after Linode started supporting native IPv6 in some of its datacenters.

Again, only Ada Web Server and iptables were used. There is no separate frontend http server written in another language …


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