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Status update, June 2012

I have been quiet a while. This is mostly because I have been busy IRL (like always).

However, there are some things which I have done lately:

  • Most notably I ported GNAT to Debian armhf. It is available from Debian armhf repositories already, but you can still fetch my original versions from my homepage. Story and porting details are available on debian-ada mailing list.
  • I also prepared instructions how to install AVR-Ada on Fedora. They are available from my new Arduino blog.
  • After some discussion with Mr. Dewar, I managed to push Adacore to fix GCC bug 49346. It is interesting to note, that the code is from ACATS and those tests are written in 1985 and 1986. And when I tested, GNAT 3.15p, GPL 2010, and GPL 2011 all had the same bug. I suspect that the bug has been in GNAT since the first version and no one has noticed it before. (=Very old code and very old bug.)

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