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New web site mirror (domain) for Ahven

As a small promotional move, I setup Ahven a dedicated domain/website, www.ahven-framework.com, and also subdomain docs.ahven-framework.com for Ahven documentation. This way Ahven does not need to "live" just at ahven.stronglytyped.org subdomain.

In addition, I put all release tar balls and zip files under releases directory. Now you can skip all the Sourceforge advertisements. The Sourceforge downloads will continue to work, if the /releases/ directory is not accessible for some reason.

Old address (ahven.stronglytyped.org) will also continue to work normally. I don't have any plans to deprecate it. For a while, some links were not working correctly, but I think I have fixed everything now.

Technical details

Originally, I planned to host most of my web sites from a shared web host. But, thanks to someone who submitted my Arduino blog to reddit/r/programming, my shared hosting plan proved to be too small for all the traffic, and I had to find a bigger host. So, now most of the things are hosted on a dedicated OpenBSD server from EDIS.

The web server software is nginx, as it comes with OpenBSD by default these days. In theory, I could also try running Ada Web Server, but making it run on OpenBSD requires some work and I want to concentrate my free time efforts on developing Ahven (and AVR-Ada) instead of it.

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