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Year 2011 summary

When it comes to Ada and its community, last year (2011) was pretty interesting to me. Here is a small summary what I managed to do:

  • I did three Ahven releases (1.9, 2.0, and 2.1). I had hoped to do yet another (2.2), but didn't find time for that.
  • I became AVR-Ada contributor. I started playing with Arduino and AVRs some years ago (2009, I think) and AVR-Ada is quite pleasant to use on them, after you overcome the installation issues.
  • Ada Connection 2011 conference in June was the real highlight of the year. I saw a lot of Adaists face to face and they are no longer only random email addresses on newsgroups and mailing lists.
  • Dan Eilers kindly accepted me as second writer for his papers about ACATS (and Ahven). The first paper was presented at Ada Connection 2011 and the second at SigAda 2011.
  • I registered domain http://www.ada-language.com/ (.net, .info, .org also). For now, the content there is pretty light, but I do have some plans for it.
  • My Twitter and Identi.ca client Beautiful Ladybird is progressing nicely (although somewhat slowly). Homeline and status update functionality works from the command line, I just need to do UI with Claw and GtkAda.
  • Jdaughter library for reading and writing JSON data was a by-product of Ladybird. It is still missing some features, but I can parse Twitter and Identi.ca feeds with it.

Finally, here some pictures from AdaConnection 2011 in Edinburgh:

The John McIntyre conference centre (rainy day, like most days that week):

Jacob Sparre Andersen giving a presentation:

I also visited Holyrood Park, which was nearby:

PS. Notice, that Ada Information Clearinghouse is showing videos from the conference. Be sure to check them out!

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