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Ahven 2.3 released

As promised earlier, Ahven 2.3 is now released. The official release date mentioned in the package is 2013-01-24, while currently it is still 2013-01-23 in Finland, but that mostly because I managed to get everything ready a few hours earlier than I estimated. If that bothers you, ignore this …


Upcoming Ahven Roadmap

Here is a small status update about Ahven, my unit testing framework for Ada 95.

In 2012, Ahven got only one release. this is mostly because it was put in the maintenance mode while I concentraceted on other projects, like AVR-Ada.

I do have plans to put more effort to …


Year 2012 summary

Like last year, here is a summary of my Ada-related activities in 2012:

  • Only one Ahven release (2.2). In 2012, Ahven was a bit on the maintenance mode while I concentrated on other things.
  • Improvements to AVR-Ada, mostly for attiny(2313,4313) models.
  • New Arduino blog showing how to …

Ada Lovelace Stickers!

While ago I ordered some Ada Lovelace stickers (black and white also available) and now finally managed to place them on my laptops:

So next time, if you local Ada organization isn't giving any goodies and you are making an order from Adafruit, remember to order some stickers also.

PS …


Two new Arduino blog entries

My Arduino blog contains two new blog entries:


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