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build.ada-language.com status

Jenkins update broke the distributed builds, so other than Debian 7 builds at http://build.ada-language.com/ are not updating at the moment.

I am waiting for Jenkins fix and also looking for alternative build systems, but that might take a while.


sphinxcontrib-adadomain 0.1 released

After sitting on this 2 years, I finally released version 0.1 of sphinxcontrib-adadomain to Python Package Index (pypi).

See https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sphinxcontrib-adadomain for details.


New web site mirror (domain) for Ahven

As a small promotional move, I setup Ahven a dedicated domain/website, www.ahven-framework.com, and also subdomain docs.ahven-framework.com for Ahven documentation. This way Ahven does not need to "live" just at ahven.stronglytyped.org subdomain.

In addition, I put all release tar balls and zip files under …


OpenBSD 5.3

  • OpenBSD 5.3 cd set, mug, poster, and t-shirt ordered and received - OK
  • OpenBSD 5.3 hosting most of my web sites - OK
  • Absolute OpenBSD/2nd (describing OpenBSD 5.3) bought - OK
  • GNAT 4.7 usable on OpenBSD 5.3, after some patching [1] - OK

After a long hiatus in …


Web host changed

I changed hosting of arduino.ada-language.com, tero.stronglytyped.org, and ahven.stronglytyped.org (plus a few others) to another web host. You shouldn't notice anything, but in case you see some errors, please be patient and try again tomorrow.


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