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sphinxcontrib-adadomain 0.1 released

After sitting on this 2 years, I finally released version 0.1 of sphinxcontrib-adadomain to Python Package Index (pypi).

See https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sphinxcontrib-adadomain for details.


New web site mirror (domain) for Ahven

As a small promotional move, I setup Ahven a dedicated domain/website, www.ahven-framework.com, and also subdomain docs.ahven-framework.com for Ahven documentation. This way Ahven does not need to "live" just at ahven.stronglytyped.org subdomain.

In addition, I put all release tar balls and zip files under ...


OpenBSD 5.3

  • OpenBSD 5.3 cd set, mug, poster, and t-shirt ordered and received - OK
  • OpenBSD 5.3 hosting most of my web sites - OK
  • Absolute OpenBSD/2nd (describing OpenBSD 5.3) bought - OK
  • GNAT 4.7 usable on OpenBSD 5.3, after some patching [1] - OK

After a long hiatus in ...


Web host changed

I changed hosting of arduino.ada-language.com, tero.stronglytyped.org, and ahven.stronglytyped.org (plus a few others) to another web host. You shouldn't notice anything, but in case you see some errors, please be patient and try again tomorrow.


Ahven 2.3 released

As promised earlier, Ahven 2.3 is now released. The official release date mentioned in the package is 2013-01-24, while currently it is still 2013-01-23 in Finland, but that mostly because I managed to get everything ready a few hours earlier than I estimated. If that bothers you, ignore this ...


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