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Ahven 2.3 released

As promised earlier, Ahven 2.3 is now released. The official release date mentioned in the package is 2013-01-24, while currently it is still 2013-01-23 in Finland, but that mostly because I managed to get everything ready a few hours earlier than I estimated. If that bothers you, ignore this …

Upcoming Ahven Roadmap

Here is a small status update about Ahven, my unit testing framework for Ada 95.

In 2012, Ahven got only one release. this is mostly because it was put in the maintenance mode while I concentraceted on other projects, like AVR-Ada.

I do have plans to put more effort to …

Ahven 2.2 released

This (2.2) is long overdue bug fix release for Ahven. Ahven.XML_Runner had same bug as Ahven.Text_Runner and this release fixes it. Now your XML test result files should have skipped tests correctly reported. Another bigger change is API documentation generator change from Adabrowse to Sphinx.

As usual …

Year 2011 summary

When it comes to Ada and its community, last year (2011) was pretty interesting to me. Here is a small summary what I managed to do:

  • I did three Ahven releases (1.9, 2.0, and 2.1). I had hoped to do yet another (2.2), but didn't find …

Oops, I really messed up skipped tests in Ahven 2.0

I managed to mess up skipped test reporting also in the XML test result reporter. I filed an issue about it.

Since the bug appears only if you skip some tests and use the XML result format, it isn't really fatal and therefore I won't immediately fix it. However, I …

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